Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chloé From Old to New

I had an awesome time at Blowup last night with the ladies. As for today, I really do hope it's a productive one, but who knows. I'm waiting for a warm day here in SF to appear so I can get a chance to go on a hiking adventure, but the sun is barely peaking from behind the clouds today.

Raquel Zimmermann in the Chloé SS2010 campaign
via: fashion rogue

I found this photograph of Marisa Berenson boogying in a mosaic printed Chloé dress in Vogue '93. It's always interesting seeing how design labels have changed over the years.
"The Chloé customer was always rather special...She had money, but Chloé wasn't about looking rich. It had absolutely nothing to do with the power dressing that came to dominate the Eighties. It was simply about lovely clothes which appealed to women who had an acute understanding of intrinsic beauty."-Joan Burstein from Browns
"Expensive, romantic and brilliantly engineered, the clothes Lagerfeld produced for Chloé from the early Sixties to the early Eighties were renowned for their fine beading and delicate prints, and were highly prized by such style icons of the time as Bianca Jagger, Jacqueline Onassis and Susannah York, who remembers her Chloé pieces being 'fantastically pretty, floaty and...expensive. But worth it."
Both quotes from Vogue '93 Chloé article

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