Sunday, January 17, 2010


(Urban Outfitters dress and blazer, Nine West shoes, H&M tights, Nordstrom's thrifted belt, thrifted necklaces, Target pink lip color)

I got so frustrated the other day when I was taking photos because my camera got messed up! I took a bunch of photos only to find out that my cute little Coolpix Nikon camera wasn't saving any of my photos. We brought it into Wolf Camera in the Castro and they said they hadn't seen anything like it before, but they did say that the little Coolpix cameras have a tendency to break down. So I bought a new one today and I hope it's a good one! Oh yeah, and as a lesson I've learned to buy a warranty too...

On a more fashionable note, I want to focus on these shoulders. Whether it's volume, chains, or studs, there continues to be a focus on the shoulders. I remember several years ago when I constantly had to cut out the shoulder pads of vintage coats and shirts, thinking WHY on earth would women want to look this boxy. Well, now that fashion has become more creative, this old trend has now been updated to a much more chic and edgy look than it had in the past.

Alexandre Herchcovitch SS2010
Herchcovitch did a great job of not only volumizing, but also using the liveliest of colors for this upcoming spring and summer.

via: zara
More accented shoulders.


  1. OMG That oitfit is totally cute I love you blog ..... Its totally crazy because I just purchased this blazer from urban about a week agao I love it but have not worn it yet.
    P.S Thanks for the comment I'm Following your blog follow mines too I'll appreciate it

  2. Your legs seriously go for miles with no end. You look so good in that dress.

  3. Completely agree with Miss Wendy up there. And, those shoulders!! LOVING those shoulders!!



  4. cute outfit! I tried on that chain shoulder sweater this weekend @ zara & lovveedd it!


  5. loving the shoulders
    and nice pictures on your blog

  6. love the polka tights with those shoes, really cute!

  7. lov your look!!!! wow!!
    follow you !!

    kisses &hugs


  8. I love the dress and tights! So cute. I'm following, will you follow me?:)


  9. Shoulder pads are definitely back, and you look great in yours.

  10. i love this look. wow. so stunning. the dress is wonderful and the blazer too.

  11. i'm absolutely in love with this look!
    i love each piece and i need that dress!!

  12. the accented shoulders on one shoulder strat away from the androdgeny we have been seeing lately.

    i love how its breaking the mold :)

    great blog :) so fab!

    im following.

  13. great outfit! love tights like that.
    the last set of photos are greaat

  14. Lovely outfit.
    Great blog.

    I am so following. x

  15. she does indeed. I like these photos.

  16. I have the Zara jumper! Love your blog, following you;) xx

  17. You have a great blog!
    Best of luck! ;)

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    x Valentine

  18. You look simply gorgeous! Just started following your blog :)

  19. Gorgeous! I love this outfit :) Thanks for visiting my blog, I've added you to my blogroll :)

  20. wow wow and wow!!

    You HAVE the style missy! I absolutely adore it!
    Obviously hyped on lookbook (Im

    Following your blog from now!!! :)


  21. we have the same tights!
    they look way better on you though

  22. oo! loving the necklace and thights :)


  23. i really dig your stuff. i'm still pretty new to the blog scene. friends suckered me into it. when i come across a blog like yours, i don't feel like i'm wasting my time. haha. anyway, i'm at: . follow me, if that's cool with you, so i can check up on your blog. if you could give me some pointers on how to make a better blog, critique me, and show me how to "decorate" at little, that would be appreciated. hope to talk to you more. keep up the work. -Troy

  24. Those tights are darling! Love your blog! x